Learn Procreate, Art Set Pro, and Digital Plein Air Painting – Special Combo Package 20% Off

Take Your iPad and Digital Tools Plein Air Painting!

This is a special package for those of you who like to paint outdoors and are also interested in learning digital painting on iPad or in adding new apps to your digital tools set.

The courses in this package will teach you how to use two amazing apps:  Art Set and Procreate. Once you are familiar with these, you’ll be able to follow  Jeannie Mecorney, our education director,  outdoors for a lesson about the ins and outs of taking your iPad along with simple and inexpensive equipment plein air painting.

Courses Included in the Package: 

Learn Procreate – the Most Powerful iOS Painting App

Using an iPad to draw or paint is much closer to the actual experience of drawing or painting on paper. Procreate is one of the most powerful iOS apps that will bring that experience to your fingertips. 

In this course, you will learn about the basics of Procreate, various brushes, settings, layers, and much more from Caroline Mustard, who has years of experience teaching this app to people of all ages.  

Art Set Pro by Jeannie Mecorney

Art Set is a stunningly beautiful app that provides a traditional natural feel in the art tools and resulting image. You will love it, especially if you are traditionally trained.

Jeannie Mecorney shares her knowledge of painting and the nuts and bolts of this app as well as some tips and hidden gems in using the oil brushes and blending tools.

Bring Your Digital Tools Outside for Plein Air Painting!

In this course, Jeannie Mecorney shares her experience of digitally painting outdoors on an iPad. She’ll show you the simple and inexpensive tools she has incorporated in her technique so that you can join any plein air group or paint on your own.

Jeannie uses Art Set and Procreate in this lesson, so before starting this class make sure you are comfortable with these apps.

About Your Instructors

Jeannie Mecorney
Education Director, MobileArt.HOW

Jeannie is a traditionally trained artist with over 25 years as a graphic designer in film, animation, print, television and the web before creating the Multimedia Art and Technology program [currently the Digital Art and Animation program] at Cañada College in Redwood City, California. She created curriculum and taught digital painting, photography, imaging, illustration, graphic design, color management and photo restoration.

She loves studio and en plein air painting and taking her digital tablet and phone wherever she goes. She has said; “There is no down time waiting for the doctor, an oil change, at a concert or waiting for a friend who ‘just has to get a few things at the store!' And for traveling it is fantastic for painted memories.” She is the Education Director at MobileArt.HOW.

Caroline Mustard
Co-Founder Mobile Art Academy &
Mobile Art Educator


Caroline Mustard is an artist who has adopted the iPad as her fine art canvas of choice and the iPhone as her sketchbook. She draws from her background in Fine Art/Painting and diverse experience in art directing, marketing, and scenic and faux painting. 

Caroline co-founded Mobile Art Academy in 2013. She has also held several successful exhibitions of her work in Silicon Valley, California, while at the same time becoming known as the leading educator in the mobile (iPad/iPhone) art medium and being featured in FAST COMPANY.

She is passionate about introducing people of all ages to the joys of painting, drawing, and exploring their creative side using an iPad or other mobile devices.


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