Portrait Painting by Adam James Butcher

In this course, Adam takes you step-by-step through the entire process of creating a portrait painting using Procreate app. 


Lesson 1: Welcome to part one of this series on portrait painting using the Procreate application. In this first session, he’ll share with you how to effectively use our mobile device to quickly capture a strong image for you to work from and how to set up your digital canvas. 

Lesson 2: In part two of this series I’ll be showing you how I create the background in preparation for painting in the basic underlying dark tones. These tonal qualities are important in creating the skeleton in which the rest of the painting flows.

Lesson 3: In part three of this series he’ll be adding the mid tones and focussing on creating a strong sense of form. The ability to keep it simple, bold and expressive at this stage holds the key to how he achieve the energy, that in his opinion, defines a powerful portrait.

Lesson 4: In part four of this series he’ll be showing you how he adds the final highlights in the portrait to achieve the illusion of three dimensions. These bright and often fluorescent tones help pull together and solidify the rest of the painting.

Lesson 5: In part five of this series we’ll be exploring simple techniques used to help emphasize those areas of the face that will capture the attention of the viewer and become the main focus of the composition. To complete the portrait, he’ll explain and demonstrate how to finish the background without loosing the impact in the face. 

About the Instructor

Adam is a British fine artist who specializes in using new light-based technologies alongside traditional techniques and values to create his vibrant paintings. He is fascinated with communicating the connection he experiences with the people and places he encounters. Capturing the sensation of a moment, with all its intensity, has always been a core aspect of his practice. 

Adam presently lives and works in Mexico. His work had been exhibited internationally including LACDA (US), Mariana García Arte Contemporáneo (Mexico City), Haute Presents (Europe and Hong Kong), mDAC (California) and many other international shows.

Using his extensive background as a Visual Arts educator, Adam contributes regularly to the Huffington Post (US) on the theme of Art and New Technology. Adam has also created 'The iPad and Your Creative Process', which is a private coaching program aimed at supporting semi-professional and professional artists use this digital medium as a tool for taking their practice to the next level.

Adam's website: www.adamjamesbutcher.com
Huffington Post page: www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-james-butcher

Portrait Painting by Adam James Butcher

Join other aspiring mobile digital artists and enroll in this fun step-by-step "Portrait Painting on the iPad" class. Adam James Butcher will personally answer any of your questions along the way.

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